Friday, October 28, 2005

I never thought I was so fragile from the inside, but the earth quake in pakistan shook something deep inside of me. My sudden response has been to do something to help my countrymen. So i jump in whatever direction I can, what ever I think will make a difference. I have been so tied up in this stuff that some of my colleagues at work think I run a small business on the side. I occasionally ask myself why I am doing this? why sell the wrist bands, why work with charities, why talk to the PSAs, why argue with customs, and the only answer i get is I have to. Its like a must, like one of those things that we do out of habit. Like we know that when someone falls down our reflex is reach out and help them back on their feet.

I guess its just my internal insecurity. I think that while I was growing up and living it out in Karachi I had a blind eye towards everything else. I mean having never personally been effected by a natural or other forms of disaster, my mind was closed to the concept. and then all of a sudden seeing these people, hundreds and thousands of them on their own helpless, clueless, shelterless, everything-less just made me realize how wrong and short sighted i was.

ALthough its only been three weeks yet it seems like a life time. If thats how I feel, I cant even imagine how the victims feel. Would they even want to wake up everymorning to the same drudgery do they have the will to survive to move on. Its amazing just to see them stand there and do something, anything, it really is.

I guess we all have a responsibility at this point to support our people in any and every possible way. Its like how the body works, when a part of it is infected, the internal defense mechanism fights the infection till it exits the system. I guess thats what we all need to do as well. Help bring the victims back to their feet, tell them they are not alone, show them support, give the hope and help them dream sweet dreams again.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Help Us Help Our Nation

Lets Help Out Our Friends In Pakistan In Their Hour Of Need. If You Are A Pakistani Student in North America Contact Your PSA About The Pak Quake Relief Wristbands or Click Here for Details

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Phir Kiya Hota ?

Agar woh hota jo mein chata
tu kiya phir hota, woh jo ho gaya
Tum bhool gaey, mein bhool gaya
Tum rooth gaey, mein kho gaya
Jahan chalta raha, zindagi guzarti rahi
mein chul para aur tum waheen rahi
hum nay shayad khoshish bhi ki
kuch yaad rahi kuch baat hui
pur waqt humara dost na tha
tumhari subha mein mera sooraj na tha
meri ratoon mein tumhari chandni na thi
jo baat wahan mein shayad keh dayta
yahan kehtay kehtay reh gaya
Jin bahoon ko shayad thaam sakta
unko dekhnay say bhi reh gaya
phir yeh suna kay koi aur hai
tumharay khwaboon mein tumhari batoon mein
tumhari muskurahat mein uska naam hai
aur tum mein jaisay uss ki jaan hai
jub yeh suna tu mein huns para
kuch apanay aap pur, kuch waqt pur, aur kuch jazbat pur
aur hunstay hunstay mein nay socha
Kay agar woh hota jo mein chata
tu kiya phir hota, woh jo ho gaya
Followed the link of Samarkands page to the leadership test and the results, surprisingly, are

I dont think JFK was much of a risk taker, some commentators have usually been critical of his abilities to "pull the trigger". Who knows ? I am not sure if I like been compared to an American President.

I have been wildly busy in the past few weeks, driving all over the place between cities and flying to US and back. As always, I have some interesting thoughts that I would post shortly. For now, I have just moved into my new place in Toronto earlier today and am awfully busy setting it up.

Till next time.