Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blog Word For The Week: Believe

If you believe in something with passion you get it. Thats what I have heard people say a million time.
I have spent a good part of this year believing that I would make to Karachi for Koko's wedding. And I write this on the day of her Mehndi, sitting in my friends house, enjoying the Karachi breeze.

So I believed I could make it here, and I believed in that idea with unmatched passion. Hence, I am here :D

Monday, July 24, 2006

High on a Feeling

Havent had this much of an adrenalin rush in a long time! I got butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face for no apparent reason, it could only mean one thing …[EDIT] it could only mean that I am heading to Karachi !! WOOO HOOO!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Overcast Overbearing

I had the pleasure of having my mother and grand mother at my place for the month or so. My mother left a few weeks ago due to professional commitments, but it was fabulous to have my grandmother still around. Over this month and especially the time I spent with my grand mom I once again realized the privilege and the blessing of having the elderly in our house.To begin with, great things have happened since she’s been around. When ever I do the slightest thing for her she showers me with duas and it seems God listens to each and everything she prays for her, since a number of things that were stuck in the middle of no where started going my way. It was the first time since I moved in this apartment that someone prayed five times a day and recited the Quran on a regular basis. Things that I sadly don’t indulge in as often as I should. It was her presence, her stories from her youth, or her relationship with my grandfather or some story about someone that left me gaping that made every single minute of her stay thoroughly enjoyable.

Today, as the Toronto sky bears no resemblance to the tones of summer that it had been advertising over the past few weeks, I feel sad to be having the last dinner with my lovely granny for some time come. I call her ami because shes always treated me like her son, rushing me to the hospital when I would hurt myself as a child or picking me up from school when Id call her up saying I dont want to ride the school bus that day. She spoiled me and disciplined me, she let me loose and when needed restrained me. Some of my friends still remember her zipping through the streets of Karachi in her hey days. Now, in her own words, the only thing she can do for us is pray and do I need someone like that or what. I wish I can take more care of her, I wish I can achieve further financial progress to be able to look after her and have her blessings for days come. Rest assured, her absence in my apartment would be felt for days to come. And with the way the sky has been pouring today and the overcast predictions for Tomorrow, the city is not too pleased with her departure either. The skies are my partners in bidding ami adieu with a heavy heart. Boys dont cry but the skies can pour and pour they do with my emotions.

Adding further misery to this overbearing overcast is the fact that I shouldn’t have been in Toronto today. My dear friend Koko gets married next weekend in Karachi. I was all set to leave T Dot on Friday and would probably have been in Karachi by now. However reality is telling us a different story as I sit Toronto writing this post while my friends are certainly reveling in a dholki thrown in Kokos honour. Alas we all handle the cards we are dealt right, and I am handling mine. Cheers to all the mates rocking at the wedding and pre-wedding parties.

So that eventually sums up this weekend, which after moms departure is probably the saddest this summer. What made up for mums departure were the parties that ensued after she left, the Molson Indy, the Italian world cup wins, they worked like an ointment but that might not be the case this time. Ill spend tomorrow missing ami a lot and then hear stories of the ongoing wedding and sulk a bit further. Sad times on this planet I tell you.But heres the thing, I have a feeling that the next time I blog, I will have good stories to tell, stories of joy and happiness of fond memories and good stuff basically no more of these dark melancholy tales from this node in the WWW. So till then, cheerios mates.

PS: amis menu for the parting day meal, Nihari for lunch and Khichri Keema and Shahi Tukray for dinner - all my favorites.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More For The Wanderers

Its funny how life works out
The more I get of what I wanted
The more I need all that I have left behind

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Sorry State of Affairs

All thats happening in Lebanon is absolute rubbish. Its like burning down a garden to avenge the prick of a thorn. Even worse is the US response, who do not support an immediate cease fire and according to speculators would not support such a thing for another few weeks. George W Bush, in his most disturbing statement so far about the issue has said that the root casue lies with the existence of Hizbollah. He obviously cant differentiate between symptoms and causes.
Word from CNN is that an Israeli land excursion has begun into the Southern Lebanon. The so called Muslim Ummah has maintained a mum. The atrocities continues. If we take a minute a to think about it. The timing of the Mumbai explosion and the Indian allegation of Pakistans involvement in that incident appears a beautiful gambit to came one of the strongest muslim armies at bay.
I am not suggesting that Pakistan flex it millitary muscle, it would bear devastating outcomes. But that any possibility of a country like Pakistan to vociferously protest against the exploits have been put to rest. Who in their right minds would pull a gun out for a cousin when the trigger happy sherrif is doing the rounds of the block.
What is certain that we have not and will not see the end of this latest example of Israeli bulleying any time this week or maybe even next week. One feels sorry for all the civilians that are loosing their lives in this insanity. I pray to God that their blood does not go to waste.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wishes: Weekly Blog Word

So this week its "wish" and I wish that I could think of something wise and wacky to say about the blogword, but the only thing that comes to my mind is one of my favorite jokes. Its not neccesary that you find it amusing, but those know me would definitely say "I can see him laughing at that."

A young couple is enjoying a day out in the golf course and the husband is trying work on his wifes' swing. While practing, the wife miscalculates a swing and lands a big one on the wrong angle. The ball flys into a big glass house adjacent to the golf course shattering a stained glass pane. The couple runs in towards the house to meet the owner and apologize for the mistake. They knock on the door and a man asks them to come in.
They enter the house to see the big stained glass pane with a hole in it, shards of glass lying around it, a broken bottle on one side, the ball next to the bottle and a rather portly man sitting on a couch besides the mess.
Before the couple could apologize the man says "Thank You." he then looks at broken bottle and says "I was trapped in this bottle for the last 20 years. I am a genie you know. I have three wishes to grant, so I will grant each of you one wish and keep one for myself."
The couple cant believe what they have just heard. The husband, not the one to miss an opportunity, wishes to be the richest man in the world. "Done" says the genie "When you go home today, check your bank statement, it will have more numbers in it than you can count."
The wife jumps in and wishes for a house in evey country of the world. "Done!" says the genie " Tomorrow you will recieve the keys to all your houses."
The couple is overjoyed, and the inquisitive wife asks the genie, "so whats your wish?"
"Well" responds the genie while looking at floor "I have been in this bottle for twenty years. I havent had the privlege of female companionship during this time. If your husband doesnt mind I would like to make love to you right now."
The husband is shocked, but the wife drives some sense into his brain. "He has given us houses all over the world and more money than we could ever fathom. Whats an hour for that?"
The husband looks at her and reluctanly nods his head in agreement. The geneie gets up from his seat and the woman escorts him to a room.

After an hour of passionate love making the genie lights a cigarette and asks the woman "so how old is your husband?"
"32" the woman responds
The genie smiles and says "and he still belives in genies?" ... ;)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Explosive Weekend and Explosions in the Week

Before I go on to register the thrills of the past weekend I have to extend my deepest condolences to the families of the victims of Mumbai Explosions. Terrorism in any way, shape or form, can not be condoned. It is a sad moment for the people of India and it is in this moment of sorrow that we need to keep all our political differences aside and embrace our neighbours in an unequivocal show of support. I pray to God that all injured in this incident return to good health and all those who have lost a loved one find the strentgh and patience to bear the loss. Rest in peace departed souls. For updates and details visit the Mumbai Metroblog

Although this incident has put a sour twist on the proceedings of the week, it certainly was not the way it was summoned. The past weekend saw Toronto indulge in some of biggest fesitivities of the summer. The famous Toronto Street Festivals and the Molson Toronto Grand Prix were further complemented by the elaborate street parties that ensued once Italy won the cup. Yours truly was fortunate enough to partake in all the activities with the regular gang.

The weekend began with preparation to bid adieu to mother on what would eventually prove to be a very busy sunday. To offer a true flavour of the Toronto summer, I took mom to the Corso Italia street festival which offered the choicest of italian foods, wine and desert as well and music and entertainment. There was dancing on the streets as the St Clair Aveneue between Dufferin and Landsdowne played host to a number of budding musicians as well as pros like the Samba Squad. It was evident that mother was thrilled with the proceedings of the evening, something that she mentioned she might not indulge in NY due to security reasons. She spent the saturday catching up with friends and family in town and left sunday morning. Like every other time when mother departs, I felt misreable, my gut wrenched and my heart sank. However its all for the best, we are both evolving in our own worlds which can only come in contact for a brief time period, at least for now.

The grief was short lived as not much later I ended up at the Canadian National Exhibition to witness my first grand prix. My displeasure with my current job is no secret. However its the remuneration and some benefits that keep me going. Benefits like twice a week bagel breakfast and lunches on the house, like the fortnightly Baskin Robins ice crean treat and not to forget having our own race car in the champ car series. I thus got 4 VIP passes to take myself and 3 friends to witness our driver, the 2005 winner of the Toronto GP, Justin Wilson in action.
Its one thing to watch these races on TV but believe me its a whole new feeling to be sitting in those bleachers watching cars at unreal speeds whiz by you 86 times. The sound, the stress and the cheers and chants, the humidity and the heat all add to the flavor of being at the event. That and the lovely ladies that we fondly refer to as racechicks. They all add to the experience. The most astonishing thing and something that took me by complete surprise was the sound of the cars. At ever shift on the course one could hear an explosion and feel a jolt of energy rip through the car as the added gas accelerated it to and even more unbelievable speeds. It was all so unreal. Sadly Justin had some car trouble and couldnt repeat his 2005 performance. Better luck next time buddy.

From CNE we rushed to meet the rest of our crew at the historic Toronto watering hole called the Wheat Sheaf. The bar was so packed for the game that people were sitting on the floor and late comers like us had to watch the whol game standing. The biggest anomally, specifically for Toronto, was that the pub was a stronghold to French fans. Every time Henry kicked the ball, everytime Zidane dribbled it through the opposition, every time a Vieira created a play, the whole pub with its 100 or so strong audience would burst out in OHs AHs and cheers. Although I was indifferent towards either side since my teams were already out of the running, yet France's onfield performance seemed more impressive to me than Italys. And although he got nailed for it, but was that a great head butt from Zidane or what. That too was an explosion of raw energy from Zidane's head to Materazzi's chest. Cheers to Zezu, hes my new hero! May every head get to butt into someone like that. The funny thing is that his head didnt hurt and the only pain evident in his eyes was that of leaving the field before the game was over. Ah well, not all stories have happy endings, and so Italy won.

The good side, or bad side for some depending on where you live, was the throngs of Italians and Italian Soccer fans that descended on Little Italy and Costo Italia.Although I was barely there in the flood of Italian colours yet I could feel that this was one party that was going to go into the wee hours of morning, an hour I may not be able to wee out.

As another weekend approaches so does other plans. Toronto in the summers is the place to be. Till next update.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Enough - Wanderers Word of the Week

Every time there is blood split
Every time there’s an explosion
Every time a woman loses her dignity
Every time there is an incident of sectarianism, terrorism or extremism
Every time the power fails for uncertain periods
Every time the city of lights goes dark at an early hour
Every time a person questions the existence of freedom
Every time the politicians make a mockery of civil rights
I wish one person or some people, preferably the entire nation
would stand up and say

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Choices: Belated Blog Word!


My choices for the World Cup and even though the fell out of the running today, Id love the teams to death.

Its not about choosing the winners in life, but sticking by those whom you truly believe can win.