Saturday, May 14, 2005

2 Weeks of Adventure

As I sit in my aunts long island condo, all set to head back to Canada, I feel its mandatory to reflect on the past two weeks. To say the least its just what the doctor ordered, a short fun filled time with the family with its share of highs and lows, smiles and frown, affection and astonishment.
I enjoyed the nature in the abdundant greenery and nature of New Jersey while crashing at my uncles and was amused hoity toity neighbourhood my aunt lives in.
I have many stories, this place is full of it. Stories of places, of people, of ideas but its been so fast, these two weeks, that the stories wont become words till i find some solitude that allows the emotions to hit me.
Although I am excited to see the gang in windsor, I do hate to leave my family once again, who knows for how long this time. Rest assured, come monday, life would stamp its foot on the gas pedal as I head in the final summer before graduation. Just saying that brongs a wry smile to my face.

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Anonymous said...

Kumail I never knew that you are a novelist and poet too....Great work buddy!!