Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back On The Blog

As I found myself sitting aimlessly in front of the my laptop on a lack lustre sunday evening, I thought it would be a good idea to update the good old blog. I am not sure for what or whom but its become an obligation of sorts to occasionaly spew something into the WWW.
So I put on some Noori, (Peeli Patti is a great album- aint it?) and pulled my thoughts together.

The last month or so has been quite happening. Ever since I sat behind the wheels of the U Haul in Windsor to pretty much last friday, life was taking constant turns at warp speed. Plans werent met, targets were reset and activities were realinged. Christmas saw mom coming into stay with me for three weeks and it was an awesome three weeks. I bonded with her like never before. Plus, it was the first time that she came to 'my house' so things had to be made perfect. Thanks to a couple of friends who helped me tirelessly in even till a few hours before her arrival, that the place looked ship shape and I earned awes for being able to put together a reasonably decent place. The concept of downtown living is still not that cool with my suburban mother. She kept putting ideas into my heads about moving into Mississauga (read Miseryssauga) but to no avail.

I was initially some what tense about her trip since it had been quite a while since she lived with me. But things went seamlessly, I guess both of us have to some extent understood the individual needs we have. I hope she is able to come live with me soon.

As for people living with me, my partner in crime, Adnan left for Pakistan for good. We were supposed to share the dwelling that I currently have to myself, but Adnans sudden decision to pursue a lucrative opportunity in Pakistan left me to be king of the hill. His absence has however created a certain void. Much like the past few years since I have known the bloke, our last few weeks together were all about love, hate, laughs and curses. I was rather sad when he left but I guess thats life, people come, people go, we learn somethings teach somethings and move our own sepearate ways with memories of the time well spent. But that bastard still owes me money, so Adnan, till you dont pay me off, I am not going to friggin glorify our friendship. You Suck!

Along with Adnan, my Montreal buddy Alina, took the jet plane back to Karachi. Our relationship had grown in the most unusual of ways over the past year and to some extent, I found her to be my twin in experiences and aspirations. Yet another good one of to home.

While my desi friends have been moving out of Toronto. My gora friends are heading back. For a bit I had felt that with all the people moving around, my social circle would contract drastically. Yet life has maintained a ying-yan of sorts. As my mother quipped one weekend during her visit when I took leave to go out with my friends, once a socialite always socialite!

So thats pretty much it. The new year has seen a new relational alignment. All I have to do now, is regain my focu on life, that I have felt slipping away lately. Play life, instead of life playing me and all would be back on track.

So till next time.

Rock On!

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Salacious Samosa said...

Hopefully we'll get to meet up this time... not all your desi friends have left!

(said whilst sitting in karachi!)