Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And Then She Left

I wrote this ages ago and for some reason that I cant think of, I never hit the "publish post" button on this one. Better late than never eh!

A ray light, just shining bright
headed my way, lighting the path
that lead to the smile the lips had forgotten

Her eyes, with their quiet smiles
and her lips that sealed and concealed
the emotions that had been stirring in our heads

Just gave it away, gave it all away
the reason, the sense, the need
for her to be with me, for I to be We

Just when I thought that the light would spread
to the nook and crannies and dark alleys of life
she blinked her eyes and maybe changed her mind

And Then She Left

I still remember those silent moments
where hands clasped hands and we breathed as one
staring deep into each others eyes talking in the language of silence

I recall the times when a chat lasted for hours
and sitting down for a talk meant dedicating a day
when even the snap of fingers had a meaning

and I cant seem to forget those moments
where words fell on deaf ears, when all the voice
and all the noise, made no sense at all

all the blanks, the commas and the exclamations
just took the shape of a period, a full stop in true meaning
then the silence spoke again and this time it wept

And Then She Left

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