Sunday, August 06, 2006

Much Belated Blog Word: Rain

Almost in time for the next one. Ah well I am on vacation so I assumed I could be a bit tardy.

Rain - it cant be just a shower
Rain - its got to have some power
Rain - dark clouds, cool breeze and the smell of soaked sand
Rain - comes out of nowhere, spontaneous, unplanned

Rain - it brings smiles to many faces
Rain - it brings joy to many places
Rain - Its blamed for choked traffic and absent power
Rain - it treats all the same, Defence, Gulshan or Mereweather tower

Rain - you got to love it, its natures big surprise
Rain - you got to revel it, with samosas,pakoras, all things fried
Rain - for it cant come too late or too soon
Rain - so lets sit back and enjoy the Karachi Monsoon


insiya said...

and would it be too cheesy to ask you to blog about the freaky card tricks? :p hahahahaha

i am never getting over that! :p

Cocaine said...

:D It was a big joke inisiya - we didnt even have a full deck - NEVER Take That Stuff Seriously
I will blog about it when I get back.