Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thank You TBS

WOW! What a treat. TBS decided to gain some point with Tarintino fans by putting up Kill Bill one and two back to back tonight. Whoever is calling the shots at that network did made a wonderful decision with this one.
I had almost forgotten how wonderful the movie was. I had only gotten around to watching the first volume of this part flick in theatre and had never quite gotten around to watching the second. If I were dying tonite, and I had the option to choose the method I would pick the five point palm exploding heart technique delivered by Uma Thurman.The only thing missing tonight was a huge theatre screen and a THX surround sound system. Other than that, I was glued to the tube like a three year old watching Barney sing "I love you, you love me we are a happy family".
So those of you who are in North America and havent seen the movie or wish it see it back to back, tune into TBS tomorrow at around 8 (thats what I think confirm the time to be on the safe side) for those of you who cant tune into TBS, find the next opportunity you can to rent the two movies and watch them back to back. Its honestly quite an experience. Heres a trailer to further accelerate the hype.

Kill Bill Vol.1 - video powered by Metacafe


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Anonymous said...

Strange but true...Kill bill Vol. 1&2 aired back-back on our sattelite channel in south africa on friday night. Think its a global conspiracy?