Monday, February 19, 2007

Killing Time

Awful awful monday. For some reason, couldnt sleep too well and the got hit with a bad case of monday blues. In such an environment procrastination fosters and while going through Waking Life I came across across a little online app that lets you create your own South Park characters. What more could I have asked for.

So heres what I came up with.

This is what Id look like if I were in a south park episode. Notice the eye brows and till last friday my hair were pretty much the same.

This, as I elaborated to Hira, was what I felt like after a night sleeplessness.

This one was made with Zain in mind. Zain is a co-worker who is obssesed with Batman, to the level he attributes his short sightedness to his bat like qualities, as in blind like a bat (Yes, I work with loosers, but blame HR for it.).

I passed some of this work over to Adnan who insisted that I make a South Park character based on him. What came out was my best South Park character to date, introducing Addy in South Park (it looks a lot like Adnan in real life)

After many trashed attempts, I decided to make a dying crusader flying through sky. Hence, the picture below

After running out of other ideas, I wondered what a young slash (of the GnR fame) would look like if he were blonde and on south park.

I dont know why I put the soccer ball in there, but I did and could'nt get rid of it. So I decided to leave it there. So all these creations, a little bit of work and finally this post has brought the day to an end. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my procrastination.

Till the next case of it.


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