Monday, November 08, 2004

The Collusion of Man & Devil

"Knock, Knock , hello, did someone call me?" - "ah, maybe you just wished for something that I could do - for I am the one with shortcuts, the one with quick fix solutions, fast results and immediate gratification, I travel in your thoughts and I live in your heart, they call me by quite a few names, to some I am a prince - prince of darkness, to some the Lucifer, some call me Satan some shaitan. God called me Iblis, but hey who gives a devil for a name, not even the devil himself " .
That was how The Devil introduced himself to The Man

It was just a little while ago that The Man was standing at the ebb of his existence. He was feeling the wind breeze into his face, he was feeling the sensation, he was trying to decipher the path of the signal that the wind had stimulated and that was reaching the brain. He was amazed. He was rethinking his initial motive to be where he was.

The Man wanted to take the final step, cross over, from this world into the next. The Man wanted to end and start over afresh. He wanted to end himself to end what he could not end otherwise. He saw the end as a beginning, a beginning of ends and an end of the beginnings that had no end. It sure was cyclical, it sure was as twisted as the Italian pasta he had for lunch. He could feel the taste of it now, the oregano, the cilantro, the Parmesan, the tomato, he could taste all that he had tasted, ever.

It was like the moment had frozen, the present was at stand still - there was no future - and the past was in a playback mode. The man could feel all that he had done, all the he had felt, all that he had tasted, all that he had seen, all the life that he had lived, all of it, in one go. That brief moment in time, the moment where tomorrow didn't exist, the moment where today was going to be today for ever, the moment where memories were the world that The Man lived and breathed in, that very moment made The Man realize that all that he had started, all that he had begun could not end with a single end. He was more confused than he was before, that's when he asked himself "Oh What I'd give to know what to do?"

And no surprises as to who responded to that question. The biggest oppurtunist that man kind has known.

The Devil continued, "So, you seek means to an end and I say the end means that the search is over. You want to end your search even before you get to know what you were searching for, you want to find an end to an objective that you did not execute, you were looking for a mission, you started on the right track, but now before you took your mission head on, you want to say you wrapped it up, you want to end it, you want to make it to the finish line, but you want to be quick. You my dear mere human, are looking for a shortcut, and you are in luck, since I know how you can find one."

"A shortcut, a quicker end to all that I had begun, but not an end to my own existence ? Is that possible ? Could I really get it ? " Questioned The Man.

"Of course you can, why do you think you cant, its all within you, too bad that whom you look up to never made you realize that you need to look inside for strength not up. Up is for the sky, for the birds that fly in that sky, for the stars and the planets and the galaxies that inhabit the space beyond the sky. Its a different world, its a different life, with different rules , the physics is different, the chemistry different. Out there you don't walk you fly, out there you don't look at the moon, you are the moon. Its a world where you can not look to for answers or to seek inspiration. That is not your world. That world will not give you answers. This is your world, this where you are, this is where you do, what you do. You are looking for answer, but you are looking the wrong way. You don't look up my friend, you look inside."

"But there's nothing inside, its a vacuum, its hollow, its empty. I ask a question and the response is an echo of my own question, bouncing around in that vacuum virtually forever."

"But of course it is. That's because He took the power away from you to question. He set the rules and did not take your consent for them. He does not want you to think, he wants you to execute. He does not want you to question, He wants you to keep walking in that straight line without looking left or right. His instructions to you are binary, this is right, that is wrong, this you can do, that you can not, every thing He says is in black or white. But do you not realize that life can not be a combination of Black or white, ones and zeros, yes and no, there is always a maybe in life, there always a half between a one and a zero, there is always a grey area between black and white. That is where humanity exists, that is where you live, not on the straight line, but around it. You have thought, you have questioned, you have challenged the rules that define the domain of your existence. He wont answer you, he never does, but I want to help you, I can help you, I will help you in doing what other even failed to conceive. You maybe making what some may call a sacrifice but what I justify as a trade up. "

"Sacrifice, what sacrifice, what do I need to give to you, you have everything, don't you ? "

"I do have everything, except a prodigy like yourself. I have everything except the passion that you have in your soul. I want a disciple like that, I want that soul."

"You will teach me how to do what ever I want to do. You will teach me how to challenge all the rules, how to step out of this frame that binds me down from achieving that which I desire. You will teach me bringing imagination, wishes and fantasies to life ? "

"All that and more!" said The Devil as he extended his hand towards the man. The Devil pulled the man back from the ebb of existence, the wind was now on the mans back. He felt a chill go up his spine as he caught hold of the Devil's hand. "Now I know how it travels" he thought to himself, as a smile crept on to his face.

He shook hands and looked the Devil in the eye. The minute long silence was broken by a burst of laughter from both of them. The Man thought he had found answers, the Devil knew he had captured another soul. The Man thought, nothing can go wrong I have the Devil on my side. The Devil wondered why He wanted him to bow to these creatures who cant look beyond their own self.

Yet another day when The Man lost it all to the The Devil thinking he had won the world.

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Hey. I read your comment on my blog-thanks for stopping and sharing your thoughts.really want to know why you were a pakistani, and why are you homeless.just wondering. I was supporting kerry for no other reason than the fact that i do not wish to support bush. stop by sometime when blog hopping..