Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What I Learnt This Weekend

  • Some people can do all the wrong things, screw up big time, be absolute pricks and yet can get absolutely lucky
  • If a pretty girl offers to buy you a shot, do not turn it down!
  • If a policemen threatens to put you in the slammer, be sure to ask him under what code, theres a good likelihood that he wont know and you could walk of on him.
  • Pool is a game for men, and a "pick up" activity for women
  • It takes 5 hours, 1 very fast internet connection, a knack for colours and basic power point skills to make a 15 minute presentation on a paper that hasnt been written yet
  • The entire economy of Saudi Arabia
  • Hyster is a brand of forklifts that available through out the Arabian penninsula
  • Saudi's east coast is the Red Sea, and the west coast is Persian Gulf
  • Walmart has lower current asset turnover than Target, but still leads due to a higher inventory turnover thus enabling a higher sales revenue, effecting the bottom line profit margin
  • You can make major changes to your presentation 2 minutes before time and guess future projections and still wing the presentation about a paper that hasnt been written yet. In fact the teacher may think it was the best
  • Everyone loves a Red tie
  • The difference between a one way left turn and a two way left turn
  • 4 AM is a great time to recollect recent experiences.

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