Monday, July 11, 2005

Star Light, Star Bright . . .

Look closely at this picture, you might pick up a few small reddish orangish specks.
So heres what happened over the weekend. Me and a few of my friends decided that we needed a serious break from the academics and off we went to this heavenly little corner of southern ontario, right by lake Erie, called Erieau.
Other things aside, the best part of spending the weekend at Erieau were the starlit nights. Just the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very very long time. I usually think about how we fail to take notice of things that go missing from our life, till we see them again and this was just anohter example. I had virtually forgotten how beautiful a starlit night really is. Plus living in industrial towns with high pollution means that even on the clearest of days, we would only see very few stars, if any at all.
Unfortunately, its one of those sights that I couldnt capture properly on my camera and words just wont do justice to it. So the next time you are around southern ontario in the summer look up Erieau and catch the starlit nights that make that small peninsula a source of unmatched tranquility.


Rude Awakenings said...

I can imagine the rush your senses must have experienced from the out-flow of nature!
Good times.


Cocaine said...

Good Time - Hell Yeah
it rocks! Nature is magical, too bad we kill it slowly day by day :D