Sunday, September 04, 2005

Life Is A Highway ...

...and I am driving in the express lane right now. The past few weeks have been BRUTAL to say the least. Interviews, shifting, setting up the new place followed by the anticipation of the response from the interviews. Plus the fact that right now I am camped out in a friends living room doesnt make things peachy to begin with.
One thing I have perfected in over the last four months is what I call doing the Superman. Doing the superman is all about changing clothes quickly in a place other than a house. Now dont think that its about stripping down in the middle of the street and then quickly putting on another set of clothes. Heres an exmaple of "doing the Superman". Last week on Monday I had an interview in the outskirts of Toronto at Noon. Living in Windsor, Toronto is a 4 hour ride at least. So I hopped on the 6AM train to TDot (as some people affectionately call toronto) and reached downtown toronto (Union Station) at 10:30. I was wearing a pair of shorts, my favorite led zepplin t-shirt (its my lucky charm) running shoes and cap.
Prior to leaving Windsor I had shaved and I had showered. All I needed to do was my hair, and put on the interview attire. I also enjoy travelling light, so I had carefully folded my trouser, shirt and tie into a small duffle bag and I was carrying the coat on a regular mettalic hanger with the cleaners plastic wrapping still on. As soon as the train came to a halt, I picked up my stuff, jumped of the train, dashed to the mens room and quickly changed into a "pro". The technique is to pack your stuff exactly the way you are going to take it out, shoes and socks, followed by the trouser and the belt followed by the shirt and the tie in the end. Its a quick change, out of one dress into the other. A quick wet comb and a dab of hair gel further complement the look and the cologne adds the finishing touches. From a skid to a debonair in five minutes, thats a good feat eh.
Anyway, thats how lifes been everythings been moving quick. When it came to shifting I had to help my friend move in so that I could move in with him and he has a boat load of stuff. We eventually had to rent a truck and since he doesnt have what they call a "G" (meaning graduated) License in Ontario, I was required to drive the truck. It wasnt one of those small U Hauls that you see here and there it was this bigg ass F-450 which this huge carry on that can pass of as a lift van. So there i was rigging through Windsor at odd hours of the night. towing stuff from one place to another.
To make matters worse, it was the very the night that the remains of Katrina were hitting the Mid West, including Michigan, so it was light showers all night long. Adding fuel to fire was the fact that the condo that we were moving too did not allow shifting stuff after 8 at night. So waited out till past midnite and actually sneaked in our stuff, including matresses and couches, at 3 in morning with a constant drizzle drenching us.
And now that all that is done, its the really bad wait and see period. I have had a few job interviews, a couple have the potential to reach fruition, but the wait to actually hear a yay or a nay is absolutely nerve wrecking. Every time the phone rings between 9 to 5 on a week day my heart skips a beat I say Bismillah before answering the calls only to realize it some person irrelavant to my career prospects. This coming week holds the key, its make or break time. I have raised the ante on two opportunities, what I need now is a straight flush.


Anonymous said...

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Yawerite said...

Good luck with job scavenge. Keep me posted on every detail! The speedy transformation from informals to formals reminded me of the times, project meetings where you are all famous brown jeans, prayers and the cracking butt :). We've come along way..have'nt we:D btw A.W.O.L ??

~meyum & a half~ said...

and perhaps the shorts and led zipplin look wouldve worked..its will power to remain the way you want remember;)