Monday, September 19, 2005

On My Own

Yesterday, I rented my first apartment. Holy shit I am an old frigging bloke now. Its a funny thought to say "Mera Ghar" and mean it. I have been renting apartments and rooms for the past two years but they were always temporary. I knew that in a semesters time, maybe in 8 months I would be moving out to a new place. But this time its totally different. This place is probably going to be there for a while. Its not going to be a house, but a home. That fact, added to the additional responsibility of maintaining the place like a home, furnishing it to my taste, repainting the pasty walls to a more vibrant colour -basically just giving it "my touch"-make this an adventure with mixed emotions.
So the place itself. Its almost like my dream apartment, except that its not on a 20+ floor nor does it overlook a body of water, but its very roomy with wooden floors and a great neighbourhood. The landlords are a fabulous italian couple with two really cute children. Theres a park right infront of the apartment and the neighbours are very friendly. Its a stones throw from the subway line and around the corner from the highway. Since I would just kill myself if I lived alone, I agreed to inherit the apartment with a room mate. The dude is a really nice Indian kid who is studying to be a film maker.
So on October 1st, I make the big move of going on my own. Earning some, loosing some, saving some and still trying to party like it was 1995 (good old O Level days). Its quite symbolic that all this is happening in October, since thats when I turn 26. So how about three cheers for my big move ;)


Yawerite said...

'Three cheers for my big move'? pun intended right?:) Anyways sounds like cosy comfy place to camp in after a wasted day. Got to read the 'bhaaloo saga'..and it continues:)Me in lhr last week, in multan for a week, then have to go to Isloo and then back...very hectic!

Shaima said...

congrats..! im yet to have a place i can call my own but im sure its a great feeling.

jammie said...

i cant believe its been 2 years since you left!!! so much has happened...and now you have hosue of your own...jeez. will a good little wife soon follow? hahaha. best of luck in your new home..and put up pics ok?? :D

Cocaine said...

Yawer: Read my lips ppptttbbbhhh !! :D Enjoy your travel and make a plan to come to Toronto

Shaima: Shaima, trust me, its one of the most unusual feelings - happiness and concern all in once

jammie: YES - doo saal, crazy time eh - as for the wife, now that you have gotten married, Id have to start my search all over again - and i am too lazy for that ;) Pics will follow definitely I would also love to host you and K whenever you guys head to this part of the world.