Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two for the Wanderers!

Jammie has yet another great jammie like idea. A blog on every wednesday about a certain word thats sent to a fast growing group of people refered to as Wednesday Wanderers. I couldnt pass the opportunity to be categorized as wanderer so heres my post for this weeks word - TWO!

When I think of the word two - I cant help thinking about the song two to tango. And I write this, in my head I am humming - two to tango two to move ....but two holds much reverence in the life of this individual who was, ironically enough, spawned on the eve of two 2s of October.

Two is for fulfilment, end of a cycle, reaching the goal, finding a meaning, redemption.
Two signifies harmony and balance as well as dynamism and fluidity in all human endeavours
Two describes the sibling that I never had as well as some partners I have had at various instances in life
Two is the number of countries I have lived in and the number of cultures that have influenced me
Two reminds me of my best friends who arent single or the number of people they are immideatly responsible for.
Two belongs to the year two thousand and the concerts exhibitions and carnivals that four (two+two) people organized through the year.
Two has memories of Terminator 2 and Arnie's Hasta La Vista Baby
Two is the number of goals that Englands been scoring in their world cup matches (except with Paraguay and that was two minus 1)
Two is for two of my favorite women whom ill host for the next week at my place
Two to me is what two is to you - reflexive and transitive - that everything goes away from and comes back to. Two is associative, the well loved number that everyone like to hang out with. Two is powerful especially when you see it for the price of one. Two represents planning especially when it comes to growing a family.

So whats the bottom line you ask. Two is the essence of existence, the duality of nature.the single identity that represents adam and eve, balck and white, good and evil and if humanity could be quantified, ranked or be represneted by a number it would probably be TWO - which happens to be the blog word of the day! (see the coming back to the begining with two part :p )


jammie said...

so does this mean youre ready to be a part of TWO?? :) welcome aboard. your input is always an amazing one!

over a mile said...

A very unique interpretation of the Wednesday blogword. V. cool post.

Cocaine said...

well jammie i am a part of several TWOs already :D

thanks over-a-mile i look fwd to next wednesday!