Thursday, October 12, 2006


I usually dont comment about Canadian politics. There isnt much happening in the boring world of it. The devilish blue eyed conserative prime minister from Alberta is running the show these days and he basically came to power because the Liberal power, more popular in the East, did not have a solid leader to garner the votes.
Having said that, the Liberal party is involved a leadership race right now with the finale a month away in Montreal. The current leader of this race is Michael Ignatieff, a Toronto native and former alum of the U of Toronto, Oxford and a PhD from Harvard.
Now considering that I only heard of this chap when he won seat to the federal legislature in last elections, I am not completely aware of what his forte is. He did compete in a tough constituency so thats one accomplishment. But what won me over today was his criticism of Israel's bombing of Lebanon. This in result saw his campaign organizer part ways with him. This comes as no surprise. Susan Kadis, another MP from Thornhill, did not agree with Ignatieffs comment that bombing of the Lebanese village of Qana was a war crime. Being a resident of the Thornhill area I realize why a majority of residents would be critical of Ignatieff's remarks and why Susan Kadis, to support her constituency, can not continue to support this man who has been critical of Israel's policy towards its latest adventures in Lebanon.
Thankfully, the pro-Israeli lobby is not as strong in Canada as it is in the US. That is not to say that the can wield influence, but at the same time, there are other lobbies that could to a certain extent pacify pro-Israeli lobby. Whats sad is that I havent heard of another MP coming out against the current PMs support of Israel because his constituency is composed of Muslim or Lebanese folks. Maybe someday, that will happen too. For now, lets take it once step at a time and hope that Ignatieff wins the leadership race next month.

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Shezalldat said...

for now, lets make some noise against stooopid wajid khan! ;) *grr*