Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekly Blog Thought: Because I Didnt...

A lot has been said about the anniversary of last years earthquake. I look back on all that I did, all that was done by others and all that could have been done. I read about the contionous plight of the surivors and wonder what else can we do appease their pain. I look at the green wrist band I have been wearing since last year, the one that says "Rebuild Life", and I wonder if that was enough, if more could have been done then, if more can be done now. I wish I could somehow go up to my suffering paisan and tell them they havent been forgotten. I now fear running into a victim of this quake a few year down road and feeling shameful when he looks at me, the look that says that I am a lesser person than he is, because I didnt do all that I could when I should have. I pray I can do more now, before its too late, I pray we all could!

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