Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Its Been A While, A Lot Has Changed

Its been a while since I posted anything significant here. I made up for it with someone catchy little video clips from You Tube and Metacafe. For those who haven’t used MetaCaf√©, I find it better than you tube since there is less junk on it. That also means that their library is much smaller. Anyhew, I decided that I would use the opportunity of the dull pre-christmas work environment and my boss’s vacation, to slack off and bring this blog back to life. I can see my fans in the deep south high fiving and throwing around Yeah C’Mons, well lads time for some How You Doings.
So a lot has been happening lately, in my life and in the world that surrounds it. On a personal level, I am working on several new career opportunities and balancing the search with my current occupation, which requires intense client facing, has been an arduous task. In the midst of it I also realized there are certain things that we maybe good at and that’s what we want to do in life, but it may not be necessary to make a job or a career out of it. So I have been further contemplating about having a work-work balance i.e. having a job that I am good at and then a little something on the side that I enjoy. So that’s what the life of I has been over the past month or so, lots of work and lots of thinking, planning and executing the crucial little steps that will eventually lead to my global dominance *insert evil laugh here*. Ever since I saw Pinky and The Brain I have fancied saying the line “Tonight, Pinky, we take over the world”.
Speaking of the world, there is so much happening out there that I had wanted to comment on, from the repeal of the Shoaib/Asif doping verdict to the more recent pardoning of Tara Conner (Miss USA) by Donald Trump (co-owner of the Miss USA foundation). However, my biggest complain this month has to be the death or shall I say the murder of Old Man Winter. Yes people of the world, Old Man Winter has died and we are responsible for killing him. It was a slow death; he is now only present in spirit. The pollution, the depleting ozone layer, our love for plastics, SUVs, CFC and aerosol cans have finally led to the demise of Mother Nature’s old friend, Mr. Winter.
Having lived most of my life in a city with pretty much two seasons, I wasn’t much in sync with the concept of global warming. After having experienced all the four seasons in Canada over year last three years, I am disappointed to see a winter that’s not quite winter like. For those people who think Canada is all Igloos, imagine them melting. The temperature drops occasionally but the absence of the beautiful white snow that adds a jolt of life to the grey of winter is just unreal. Its unlike of Toronto to not have had a single snowfall into the mid of December and rest assured, this is not going to be a white Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas, we need to learn the underlying science of making Christmas Carols. They frigging get in your head and refuse to leave. You hear them and once and all of a sudden you will find yourself walking down the road, unconsciously humming Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or Jingle Bells. I don’t know if it’s the music, the lyrics, the mention of Santa, but whatever it is, we need to learn it and maybe use it to pass on our own subliminal messages.
In other interesting happenings, Iran recently held a conference to discuss the veracity of the Jewish Holocaust in WW2. I think Ahmedinejad is really going over the top to draw the ideological borders in a world that already has significant ideological differences. I do agree with the fact that people should have the right to express their opinions and beliefs but giving it government patronage is almost like waving a red flag in front of a bull (the bulls being the west). There are other methods of handling political differences and I guess Ahmedinijad should consider them.

On the flip side, there was interesting view presented by an American attending that conference. David Duke was of the opinion that there should be more freedom of expression and the “Zionist controlled media” is depriving people of knowing the truth. Of special interest was an encounter David had with Wolf Blitzer on CNN where they went all out for each others neck. Even if David Duke had an agenda, Blitzer’s behavior belied his reputation as a leading anchor and he appeared to visibly perturbed by the encounter.
There were a few key takeaways from Duke’s appearance at the confrence. First and foremost has to be Dukes own background, with reference to the Klan( the Ku Klux one). Although he claims he does not have any further affiliations with the white supremacist members of the Klan, yet his involvement with the Klan in the past must influence any analysis of his comments. He also spoke how it was a bigger crime to be critical of the holocaust than saying some crap about Jesus, which I believe is a valid complain. All in all, he was very critical of the Jewish control over the US media and the countrys foreign policy. Supporters of the Iran should however be careful in considering it as a show of support to Iran. Their interest and those of Duke collude as long as they have a common enemy.
And finally we come to Miss USA, Tara Conner. Ah, Tara Conner, she thought she was Canadian, why else would a poor Kentucky soul like her indulge in the sauce otherwise. There was a good reason why the Canadians set their drinking age at 19, it was to avoid situations like these. I do pity the girl especially considering the fact that she has spent her entire life in a fake world where women are rewarded for their looks more than their intelligence. In such situations it’s natural for a beauty pageant competitor to forget how to use a brain. It’s also natural for them to find other girls, like the Miss Teen USA, attractive and eventually embrace them with a kiss after an evening of frolicking. She was right when she said everyone has demons, but so was Jon Stewart when he said that “My demons pay to watch your demons”. Ah, classic Stewart.
To further add fuel to fire, she went on to call Donald Trump a person with a heart of gold (Neil Young, anyone?). Yes Tara, he also lives in a house that has a gold ceiling, various accessories in his car are also made of gold. He is a tacky and tasteless person in general who wants to go one up. A brother can get a grill of gold, heck Donald will get a frigging heart of gold. Beat that my ebony friends.
And so it continues, our world and our lives. If an outbreak of a third world war doesn’t kill us, the slowly changing weather surely will. And when you look at this way, you couldn’t care less about a blonde beauty pageant winner from small town Kentucky who consumes anything that gets her high and screws anything that walks on two feet.

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