Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This Weeks Blog Word: Most

Considering we are heading into the new year, I thought it be a good idea to go over some events of this past year:

Most Awesome Feeling of the Year: The trip back to Pakistan in July/August
Most Shocking Moment of Realization: Seeing an old buddy in the role of a Groom
Most Amazing Experience: Being stuck in Karachi after for an extra week after the monsoon
Most Amazing Hosts of the Year: Kiran, Kabeer, His parents and his 1 year old son Basim
Most Amazing Conversation: Naj and I, at her house, a few hours before my flight back to Canada

Most Amazing Party of the Year: St. Patricks day at the Steam Whistle Brewery
Most Awesome Movie I Watched in the Theatre: Babel
Most Thought Provoking Read of the Year: Charlie Wilson's War
Most Awesome Series of the Year: Heroes on NBC
Most Awesome DVD I Bought This Year: Lord of War
Most Awesome Family Vacation: Montreal on the Memorial Day weekend.
Most Shocking Incident: The random brawl outside the downtown Paramount.

Most Thought Provoking Activity: Jammie's Blog Words/Phrases of the week
Most Amazing Meeting: Meeting Umar and Insiya - Umar after ages and Insiya for the first time.

Most Amazing Thanksgiving: The entire gang at Jamie's place in Waterloo

Most Amazing Website About Pakistan: Adil Najam's All Things Pakistani

Most Missed People: The entire Karachi crowd with all its goods and bads
Most Amazing News: The arrival of Rania, Naj's second daughter, yesterday.

I think I might have missed out a few things, I might make updates to this list.
None the less, its been quite a year, aint it.


Anonymous said...

Fights are common at the Paramount Theatre.

insiya said...

it was most amazing meeting YOU! :D

Respect. :)

Hoping to meet you in 2007...! :)