Monday, March 21, 2005

Chai, Garam!

anyone ever having travelled across Pakistan in the train, not the swanky karakoran express, but the cheaper ones like Shalimar or Tezgam, would be familiar with two voices that haunt the train's corridor late at nights and early in the morning.

Chai, Garam - Garam, Anday

on one of my trips to Lahore i was woken up by the Chai Garam holler. and I decided to get the tea. It was pretty good. only matched by moms doodh paati, the special karak one she would make with the special tea leaves not the regular lipton stuff.

As I sit here today after a hard days work and not having had that moms special blend in ages, I wish I could hear someone holler, Chai Garam on the streets of Toronto. I guess its back to the tea bag for me.

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