Thursday, March 24, 2005

Good Morning

I woke up with a smile
and your thought in my mind
The clock said 6 AM
"hmm, still 3 hours to 9"

I got off my bed
still thinking of you
still questioning myself
"What Can I Do ?"

I turned on the radio
there was a good song
I danced in my PJs
the pleasures of living alone

I shaved and I showered
and got dressed for work
then poured myself some juice
& ate last nights hors d' oeuvres

Your thoughts kept bringing a smile
over and over again
your memories were sheer happiness
your absence, pure pain

I tango'd with thoughts of you
& salsa'd with your memories
and kept hoping for a miracle
for me, for you, for us, to be

I then got up, I was on way
our sweet little date was over
Its night where you are and my day has begun
so naturally we cant stay closer

& every morning when I wake up
before the crack of dawn
I hope at some point, you thought of me
my one true love, my Unicorn


Anonymous said...

Made a nice of those lines that compel the reader to take a break and talk to oneself. Many of us have this garden within us where the knowledge of these UNICORN's resides...finally there comes a time when the object does not matter, just the desire.

~meyum & a half~ said...

hey..thanks:)i wrote that and thought this is so cheap but then thought otherwise when it was finally up on my blog and aftre all it was my or good:)but thanks