Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunny Montreal

So its official, summer has finally arrived in Canada. As luck would have it I was in Montreal to enjoy the first weekend of the sparkling sunshine. My family was in from New York for their memorial day weekend and I along with them and some friends of the family who live in Montreal made the most of the little time we had to revel dans la rue un Montreal. (I have to boast of the little, gramatically incorrect French that I pick up from here an there.)
Although it was my fifth or maybe the sixth trip to Montreal, but I had never been to the city in Summer before. My memories of montreal included snow covered streets, night clubs and indoor pubs, hotel hopping for work or for the academic competitions that my university sent me to or sometime even chilling out with some friends in some place covered. In my head, Montreal may well have been Pluto with some life form on it. I was however presently surprised to land up in a Montreal sans snow. Prior to heading over to my aunty's apartment I decided to stroll through the downtown and ended in a socialist protests against some folks being deported. But in true Montreal style the protest involved huge loud speakers playing euro techno beats like prodigy and chemical brothers, some protest. They should ask the mullahs in Pakistan what protests are all about !
I have always picked a certain vibe from all the major cities I have been to. Capitals have their own capital like laid back bureaucratic feeling. May that be Islamabad, Ottawa or Washington the feeling would be distinctly laid back. Similarly metropolis like New York, Chicago, Toronto and even Karachi have a buzz to them, theres a certain pace at which life is moving and its always a snoozers loosers situation there. However, maybe it was the weather, or the women, or both that made the summery Montreal exude a very sexy vibe. I recall an ad for Amerca Bavaria, a Brazilian Beer, in which the tag lines read something like in Brazil theres more to sweat than heat. The same may very well be true for Montreal.
All in all, I still feel that my earlier analogies of Montreal being to Canada what Lahore is to Pakistan may well be true. With sincerest of respect to my female friends in Karachi, the ladies of Lahore do out shine Karachi girls in the looks department (on an average, not everyone...I Repeat: ON AN AVERAGE :D ). Lahoris like to speak Punjabi more so than Urdu, much like Montrealers who prefer communicating in French. And Finally, every single time I have been to Lahore I have been thrilled to party there, much like in Montreal.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me so no pictures in particular at this time. However, I am planning another trip soon with my friends. I am curious to find wether there can be more to sweat than heat in Montreal. :D

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