Thursday, July 06, 2006

Enough - Wanderers Word of the Week

Every time there is blood split
Every time there’s an explosion
Every time a woman loses her dignity
Every time there is an incident of sectarianism, terrorism or extremism
Every time the power fails for uncertain periods
Every time the city of lights goes dark at an early hour
Every time a person questions the existence of freedom
Every time the politicians make a mockery of civil rights
I wish one person or some people, preferably the entire nation
would stand up and say


over a mile said...

Good one!! great blogword blog!

insiya said...

i have been trying to get people together. i swear. i guess it'll have to be a one person ordeal at the end of it all.

come back. the city of lights need you.

enough of being a NRP. no?

Khizzy said...

this one hit home!

Cocaine said...

Its my true my belief that our generation has the capability to stand up against the social evils.

@Insiya - someday Insiya, maybe in a few years. At the moment I feel theres a lot more I can do away from the country than when I am there.

Anonymous said...

abay what chay pana is this ???!!!???