Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Sorry State of Affairs

All thats happening in Lebanon is absolute rubbish. Its like burning down a garden to avenge the prick of a thorn. Even worse is the US response, who do not support an immediate cease fire and according to speculators would not support such a thing for another few weeks. George W Bush, in his most disturbing statement so far about the issue has said that the root casue lies with the existence of Hizbollah. He obviously cant differentiate between symptoms and causes.
Word from CNN is that an Israeli land excursion has begun into the Southern Lebanon. The so called Muslim Ummah has maintained a mum. The atrocities continues. If we take a minute a to think about it. The timing of the Mumbai explosion and the Indian allegation of Pakistans involvement in that incident appears a beautiful gambit to came one of the strongest muslim armies at bay.
I am not suggesting that Pakistan flex it millitary muscle, it would bear devastating outcomes. But that any possibility of a country like Pakistan to vociferously protest against the exploits have been put to rest. Who in their right minds would pull a gun out for a cousin when the trigger happy sherrif is doing the rounds of the block.
What is certain that we have not and will not see the end of this latest example of Israeli bulleying any time this week or maybe even next week. One feels sorry for all the civilians that are loosing their lives in this insanity. I pray to God that their blood does not go to waste.

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