Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wishes: Weekly Blog Word

So this week its "wish" and I wish that I could think of something wise and wacky to say about the blogword, but the only thing that comes to my mind is one of my favorite jokes. Its not neccesary that you find it amusing, but those know me would definitely say "I can see him laughing at that."

A young couple is enjoying a day out in the golf course and the husband is trying work on his wifes' swing. While practing, the wife miscalculates a swing and lands a big one on the wrong angle. The ball flys into a big glass house adjacent to the golf course shattering a stained glass pane. The couple runs in towards the house to meet the owner and apologize for the mistake. They knock on the door and a man asks them to come in.
They enter the house to see the big stained glass pane with a hole in it, shards of glass lying around it, a broken bottle on one side, the ball next to the bottle and a rather portly man sitting on a couch besides the mess.
Before the couple could apologize the man says "Thank You." he then looks at broken bottle and says "I was trapped in this bottle for the last 20 years. I am a genie you know. I have three wishes to grant, so I will grant each of you one wish and keep one for myself."
The couple cant believe what they have just heard. The husband, not the one to miss an opportunity, wishes to be the richest man in the world. "Done" says the genie "When you go home today, check your bank statement, it will have more numbers in it than you can count."
The wife jumps in and wishes for a house in evey country of the world. "Done!" says the genie " Tomorrow you will recieve the keys to all your houses."
The couple is overjoyed, and the inquisitive wife asks the genie, "so whats your wish?"
"Well" responds the genie while looking at floor "I have been in this bottle for twenty years. I havent had the privlege of female companionship during this time. If your husband doesnt mind I would like to make love to you right now."
The husband is shocked, but the wife drives some sense into his brain. "He has given us houses all over the world and more money than we could ever fathom. Whats an hour for that?"
The husband looks at her and reluctanly nods his head in agreement. The geneie gets up from his seat and the woman escorts him to a room.

After an hour of passionate love making the genie lights a cigarette and asks the woman "so how old is your husband?"
"32" the woman responds
The genie smiles and says "and he still belives in genies?" ... ;)

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