Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Complete Wanderer

I am not certain what I can say about this weeks blog word, complete. I am the last person to know what the word complete means. Sometimes I wonder if completion is ever an objectve. Are we meant to be complete? Are our lives, our work, our days or our nights meant to be complete? Would completion not be complacency, which in my view, is death.
I guess completion is probably the motivation to forge ahead in life. We finish short term goals to be complete in the long run. Whats funny is that the if and when we reach that point of total completion, it will be over. That kind of makes more sense when you think of life as a test, all tests are over when they are complete.
Thus I too like many of us run, walk, pace and run again towards finding that ultimate completion. Till I dont, Ill just keep walking and talking and writing such oh so confusing and wasteful posts. The only thing I know about complete, is that I am far away from it, lost and wandering hence, a complete wanderer.

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Kat said...

:) i so agree with what you say....welcome to the wandering world!