Friday, November 24, 2006

A Wanderers Secret

My biggest secret is falling in love with a unicorn and if you have ever read through this blog you would have seen several Unicorn references. On the occasion of this weeks blog word, allow me to elaborate on why Unicorn came to be called Unicorn. If you are thinking you'd find out who the Unicorn is then be ready to be dissapointed.

Unicorn is someone so vividly there yet so out of reach that she seems to be afantasy. She is pure, she is natural, shes honest. Like children get attracted to the grace of a unicorn, people fell weak in their knees when she smiles. One cant help but fall in love with my Unicorn and to her credit, shes the only person who leaves me searching for words. When I see her, or get a message from her on MSN or on Orkut I am left dumbfounded and that for me is a first. And that is probably also the primary reason (there are several secondary ones) why I have never been able to tell her how I feel.
And as it happens, the good birds fly away. I guess my Unicorn galloped or at least trotted to her soul mate, either way she is now betrothed. All I could say about it was dam. But so be it, it will be a first for me to be friends with someone I truly, madly, deeply loved.

We had the funniest conversation when I met her in Karachi this past summer and she asked me if there was someone new in my life. I said no, there is this old girl I cant get over. She suggested that I speak to her, I told her she is spoken for, she said if I loved her enough I will get her. I laughed. Cruel cruel fate.

So thats why I decided to call her my Unicorn and this happens to be my big secret, a woman I cant name, a feeling I cant express and happiness that I wont ever experience.


Shezalldat said...

that's a sad post :(

btw... u make the weirdest observations... @ carrots in vommit! lol i still can't get over it!

Natasha said...


pandora said...


it'll take time and then you'll meet someone. maybe not the same as Unicorn, or even close... but someone really special nonetheless.