Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last Weeks Blog Word - Sorry

its not easy to say or write about being or feeling sorry.


Shezalldat said...

i'm more keen about the fact tat they are expanding the variety that they carry. obviously i would never buy fruits/vegetables from walmart but stuff like refried beans, enchilada seasonings etc... a variety of stuff that u only find in the states. for example in To we only get flour, baking flour and brown wheat in stores like dominion/loblaw/nofrills etc. in the states, flour has a complete aisle... with variety like bread flour, dinner rolls flour, cake flour etc. maybe its just marketing, but it makes cooking fun! you HAVE to check out the walmart in the states, they're HUGE and much, much betterthan here.

heewa said...

hmmm. what be wrong my frnaaddd? :D