Saturday, January 22, 2005

Return From The Soul Trip

One month down since I last spat my thoughts into this virtual world. I am back now. I was on a trip, a mental, emotional, psychological, physiological trip that saw me talking to the inner demons and the inner saints, the inner villains and the inner heros, in the end what stood the test of time and what survived the raging fire of the burning spirit was me, myself and I!

I Am Back!

Windsor-Toronto-Montreal-Toronto-Quebec City-Toronto that's what the past month has been, constant motion! I learnt how forgive myself, I learnt how to forgive others, I learnt to learn from my mistakes and laugh at them with others, I learnt that every success is followed by a failure, I learnt that if a small group of people organize and dedicate themselves to achieving a goal, they could not only surprise themselves but also their detractors and toughest rivals. I learnt its OK to own up to your mistakes, I learnt that sometimes life does give a second chance and that's when redemption takes place.I learnt that dreams can become real and the reality maybe better than what we had dreamt of. I learnt that life is a constant lesson, if we are alive we will learn something new everyday. Heres a line a learnt, a famous satire artist, George Carlin said: "Count life not by the moments you breathe, but by the moments that take your breath away"

I Learnt - I am Learning

I Am Back!

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