Wednesday, August 17, 2005

As It Ends...

Its happened. We were all working for it and it did happen in a glamorous, the most fantastic and elaborate way that it could. The Odette MBA Class of 2005 reached its end. We are done. Done with exams, done with assignments, done with hectic schedules and demanding ECAs and irrelevant Co-Op issues. We are done, period!
When we all congregated in B-04 for our orientation session we didnt realize that the 40 of us would end being a unified group unlike our previous batches. When we caught up with our fast track colleagues we didnt realize that we were embracing people who would motivate us to succeed. We all kept going just building on from what we had which eventually turned out to be a solid structure built on solid foundations of trust, friendship, harmony and compassion.
Now all thats left are the last few parties. It was the Murphys last night, the Chevaliers tonight, Benincassa tomorrow, Stasiak on Friday and Carbanairo on Saturday. We would all bid each other adieu, with commitments of being there for times to come, of constant communication, of subscription to mailing lists and additions to MSN however what would never change, is the way we all directly or indirectly influenced each other in achieving our goals.


Natasha said...

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take care :D!

Yawerite said...

Nostalgia gripped me as i read your lines, reminiscent of the thoughts i had at graduation. Last looks, last words etc; there is always plenty to look back and smile at :D. You know what..herr guzra huwa waqt, achaa waqt hutaa hai!