Friday, August 26, 2005

Packing Up

Its last week of august and over the past two years, this time represents a move. Unlike my friends who carry loads of crap with them, I have no issues with packing. It takes me a day and I am done. 4 boxes, 3 suitcases 1 camping bag and a couple of smaller back packs is all I need to squeeze my stuff in.
The fun part of packing is always going through the stuff that has accumulated since I last moved. Receipts of useless purchases, birthday cards, wedding invitations, thank you notes and even To-Dos that are yet to be "done".
Another fun discovery is coming across change - lots and lots of change, nickels dimes quarters all over the place. I have found almost $11 in change in the last four hours that I have been packing.
The toughest part is deciding whats trash and whats not. The assignment that I bombed goes out, the one that I aced stays, notes from finance class goes out, notes from strategy stay. The strategy quiz on the other hand makes the recycle bin and advertising projects make it to the file.
The worst thing to see is bills that still due - I generally close my eyes and toss them in recycle basket but thats not advisable. I also have serious trouble letting go of old magazines, I have a box full of economist and fortune from the last year that I feel might come in handy sooner or later, for what? I have no clue. But I remember most recently using a magazine from last year as reference, I just cant let go of it, I thrive on information.
The worst part is the clean up. Once everything is packed, I have to clean every single nook and cranny of the room. At times like these, I thank God and P&G for having made the Swiffer.
So now, having taken a breather, Ill head back to packing rest of the stuff. I have a feeling that a new adventure is just around the corner, look out for updates. :D

Cheers to all



Surrey405 said...

Thank god i did not have to move this semester. Best of luck with your moving.

Salacious Samosa said...

I remember those moves... man, i don't know why but i hated them. But the last one was good... from living a life in rez to my own home...Alhamdooillah man!