Monday, August 01, 2005


While I was developing marketing strategies for Alpaca fibre, a door bell rang in her world. Probably when I was suggesting participation in Expofil, she headed towards the door, slightly curious as to who was on the other side and partially thinking about what she had been doing.
Just when I argued an alliance with retail outlets, she opened the door. And for a split second, our worlds became one, she thought of me, I thought of her thinking of me. She looked at who was out there yet the aftertaste of my thought, made her smile. I smiled too.
She shut the door, she went back to her world and I to mine. I continued talking about partnerships for selling Alpaca fibre and she went back to doing whatever she was doing. But we smiled for the rest of the day, because we realized, that for a brief second, we were both in the same world, together.


Surrey405 said...

too vague dude, maybe you like it that way

just muttering said...


jammie said...

loved this one. i know exactly what you mean.