Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pakistan Zindabad

To over a 160 million people in this world, this flag is a symbol of pride and a celebration of freedom. On August 14th, we celebrate once again, the right to live and breathe freely. What we should also learn and possibly celebrate in the future, is the ability to exercise that right.

Youm-e-Azadi Mubarak!


~meyum & a half~ said...

Youm-e-Azadi Mubarak to you too!
i will probably need to watch Fight Club again and i had no idea there was a book too:)

vqpd1kgnr82zdmx said...
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Yawerite said...

Happy Independance Day expatriate :) know with the ongoing local body elections it was sad to see more of politcal party flags lfuttering as opposed to the national flag in many areas.

~meyum & a half~ said...

agreed yawrite..and the worst was seeing a Pkaistan badge with altaf hussains face on it..yuck yuck yuck!!!