Friday, October 22, 2004


Sometimes it doesnt really strike us as to how amazing life has been. Its only till something ticks in the mind when we realize, wait a minute, this aint all that bad after all. I took sometime out yesterday and thought about it - 25 years - 1 me - good times!
I have been blessed, honestly, a great family, some great friends. A lifestyle that many may dream of, being able to do what sometimes even I hadnt dreamt of. Its been amazing.
I have always wanted to have an above average life - do something big - reach for the stars kind of thing, but even now - what I have to date - is more that any average person could wish for. I am blessed, blessed with a life less ordinary.
If I die today Id be content - although there wouldnt be a huge inheritance for anyone, but I feel that I have surely made some impact on the life of all those who know me and that in itself is the biggest thing anyone could wish for. My stars are the smiles I get from the people, the wishes, the carsds, text messages, voice mails and phone calls. The fact that I conciously or unconciously did something for someone that made them remember me is more than anything i could wish for.
Now you see why I say its been a great 25!

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