Thursday, October 28, 2004

Spontaneous Combustion

I am thinking right now - lost in a strange little thought. You know how one thought leads to another that leads to a third and before you know it the axons are firing away at warp speed and your minds just aimlessly jumping from one thought to another after every quarter of a millisecond - yes that exact same thought that's what I am lost in.
It all started with pizza, going to, cheese to Kraft, Unilever, co-of job, university, studies, accounting, money, finance, bank balance, credit card, bills, cell phone, calling friends, calling cards, Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, England, London, bath, Liverpool, Michael Owen, David Beckham, man united, real Madrid, ronaldo, ronaldo's hot girl friend, Pete sampras's hot girlfriend, steffi graf and aggasi, head, racquets, susnset club, movie nights, chicken tikka, fires and club sandwiches, summers, swimming, gym, injuries, hospital, aga khan, doctors, parking lots, cafeterias, pundi, flrting, flings, romances, love, un-love, career, family, progress, job, interactive marketing, internet, orkut, friends, communities, blogs and finally blogger!
Thats how I got to writing this stupid little piece for nothing !!
Good times eh!!

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