Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What Really Matters

I am really close to fulfilling a dream. Two days from now I will be walking into an office where two people would make or break that dream. When the whole process started some months ago,I thought to myself this is the best thing that could happen in life. But now after repeated meetings, negotiations and back door politics, I am thinking to myself, whatever happens in two days, would it really matter. Honestly speaking, with due apologies for my French, I don't give a rats ass.

It happens over and over again, to all of us, at some stage, as we progress on the yellow brick road of life. Every milestone seems unachievable and even more challenging from a distance,but once you get close to it once its almost in the palm of hour hand, you can smell it,feel it even touch it from the tip of your fingers it looses the glamour. Its just not the same, its just not as grand as it initially seemed. I guess that's why they are dreams, the keep the hope up high, the drive us,pump up our spirit, motivate us to rise to the occasion and while all that happens the dreams help us discover a new person in us.

So if its all not worth it in the end, then what does really matter ? What makes a difference to us ? What complements our existence and highlights our being ? I would say its the capability to dream it self. If you cant dream, if you cant aspire, if you cant desire then you probably just keep living a monotonous and mediocre life with no particular highlight and at the end of the day you wont be able to feel that your existence really made a difference. I think someone famous once said that Id rather be thirsty than drink from the cup of mediocracy.

So dream on my friends, since dreams make life worth living.

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