Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hatching Season

What is with October anyway. I am sure that if a survey of birth days is done, it would be found that a signfcant number of the global population was born during the month of October. When I look around, i find myself, more than half of my family memebers, around ten of my friends, and some of their family members as well, all of whome have their bith day in October.

Not only is this a busy time of the year as far as birthday celebrations are concerned, its also a time of financial crunch. There are some people who you need to give a gift to, it would be plain rude not to give them one and then some people deserve a card at least. But its not all merry merry for these people either - they are forced to get back in some way, either an expensive dinner or a good gift on our birthdays.

The worst punishment, for them at least, is checking their email the birthday morning. If you are still on hotmail, I pity you - 2MB gets you no where when you have 50 birthday messages coming in within a night. What i found really odd this year round was, that different online services that I had subscribed too also sent me emails - netflix, eBay, etc etc sending emails saying Happy BDay and why dont you try our new cheap DVD collections etc etc - northwest airlines was pushing a trip to hawaii for 2 on my birthday - Ofoto was telling me i could buy cheaper prints of my birthday party pictures from their websites - Silvercity was offering movie tickets - and then there were some websites actually reminding me of my own birthday - the greetings read Congratulations - Its your birthday - you dont say 'eh! Thanks for reminiding me!!Even worse was a pciture of a slice of cake and one candle on it, right below the reminder. Its My birthday dammit - you cant sell me something on my birthday by giving me just a slice of cake - i need the whole frigging cake!

I guess this just signifies how commercialized and commoditized ourlives have become. All corporates feel they can play a role in some part of our life even on the most special of the days.
Its not like christmas or eid - this target segment is not seasonal - the hatching season goes on, round the year!

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