Saturday, June 25, 2005

The "Durderian" Philosophy

Life, as we see it, is not what it seems. Our actions are a reflection of the deep thoughts that engulf our brain. Its a twisted world out there, if you look at the big picture, there are no winners, there are no loosers. There are just unique amalgamations of cell and biogenetic processes that are searching for a means to fill the gap that exists between a satisfied mind and a satisfied soul.
We have become people who are slaves to the invisible. We are slaves of what we think we own. We buy our masters, we choose our rulers, we claim to look beyond the imminent but we cant even see what surronds our immediate existence. We cant look far, we cant look near, we only see illusions that make us feel that there is no gap between what we have and what we want to be.
Satisfaction is a temporal concept to us, there is no lasting satisfaction. This leads us to believe that nothing lasts forever, emotions, relations and creations. Change dictates our motives, we seek change, we say its what we need. We need it because our search is ever continuing, we are looking for something that we arent sure of, we cant see what we really need, we cant see the cause, we are chasing symptoms. We are not nipping the roots but triming the leaves.
We have become usable and reusable. We pick, we eat, we chew, we enjoy, we spit, we stomp, we toss and walk on. We dont buy products, we buy happiness, but we also know that happiness can not be bought, then what are we really buying? A jolt just to keep the spirit alive and hopeful? A means to justify our existence?
And then we fear the ultimate outcome. Death. We seek change, yet we cant find comfort in the ultimate change. We want to be different and yet keep the same frames of reference. The problem lies not in the mind, not in the heart but in the soul. The soul feeds heart and trains the mind. We have, at some point, sold or souls, of our own accord or not, that is a sepearate question. But what prevails is the fact that our hearts and mind are not in our control. We have lost the capability to comprehend in a beneficial manner. Beneficial to us, to those around us, and to those around those around us. We make claims of being a developed society yet arent we all just a gathering of individuals striving to go one up on each other, gain an advantage, one benefit and move up? Up what, you ask? Well, you tell me, since you want to go up and so does everyone else, but up what? up where?
Why can there not be an equilibrium. Why cant we all step back, see the big picture, realize the existence of the ultimate end, get over our fancy fears that are just a mutilated creation of our minds which get sicker by the day. Why dont we help each other in achieving a common level, why dont we seek permanent solutions to fill the gaps, why dont we all, as a group, think and seek to regain the control that we have lost. Its about time that you wake up and smell the coffee.

"This is your life and it's ending, one minute at a time."
- Tyler Durden

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Rude Awakenings said...

Alot of questions, with many answers. The world is the way it is cause we all our different. We have different wants, needs, expectations, desires. We might have various common denominators yet as many aspects dividing us. Happiness is a relative and intangible concept. It can't be achieved as a complete whole. Or so I feel.
Either way I enjoyed your post. Always ask "why" in life..