Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yadoon Mein Meri Aati Ho Kiyoon ?

I never thought that years and years after being away for that someone who touched me immensly, I would be talking about that person But you know how sometimes, somethings happens that all of a sudden make your mind travel to that point in time where things went wrong and you think, what would it have been like had things worked out - had you not been the way you were had i not been the way i was. Had I been the way I am now and you the way you are. I guess its true that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but what makes more sense is that humans desire the most of what they cant have.

At this point, 3:37 Am on a friday night, I am much the same. Listening to VS's unreleased Ab Ho Ga Kiya and going over the line "Yaadein teri kiyoon aati hain" and absolutely ignoring the dame that i met out on town this night and just imaging how great it could have been. Ah the level of curisotiy and the fact that at some point in my life, I actually lost bad, makes me realize the essence of existence and the presence of an ominpotent being that guides us all.

Cherish what you have!

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halfriedegg said...

I hear ya. The whole "what happened, what should've been, what could've been" (my highschool sweetheart) is relentlessly oppressive. I'm told, it only lasts till another touches your heart. I'm not sure I buy that concept, but thought I'd jot it down; perhaps you may find it comforting.