Friday, June 10, 2005

Random Word of the Day

Being in a primarily english speaking environment where even the desis either speak in english or the anglify the mother tounge, its easy to forget some words. And then, at times like this, the words suddenly pop back into the head, out of the blue.
The one word that came to my mind today was "Jamal Ghota" - - - - - - no i am not suffering from constepation, but for some strange reason, i found myself thinking jamal ghota - and then like looking through a dictionary, my mind took a quick run down the history of the various comical conversations that me and friends would have with regards to Jamal Gotha.
From a friends disgusting prank that involved Jamal Gotha, to the word being used to describe the diatribe of one person in my undergrad class.

Hence, the random word of the day is JAMAL GHOTA

PS: for those of you who dont know, Jamal Ghota is a herbal laxative.

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Salacious Samosa said...

Correction... it is a laxative primarily used for horses....and probably cattle and other large animals.

Hence the more extreme hilarity when it has been used or sneaked into human food.... the outcome is usually brutal....