Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Have Had It

I am sick of reading the same old news about Pakistan. I really am, I go through the Dawn website, I tune into Geo, I read the Friday times and since the past 10 years, there hasnt been any development. Whats happening, where are things going wrong? why are people quiet??? It really does bother me.
Surly some of you may point to some massive beautification project in Lahore or some grand new hotel in Islamabad, some new flyovers and underground trains in the making for Karachi or even the new Gwadar port but are these really indicators of social development?
Ok, then what about the fact mosques are no longer secure, people cant pray without the fear of being blown to bits by a deranged fundo who is giving up his life "in the name of Allah", since the past few years, the politicians have been debating about wether the president "sheds his uniform" or not, is that what tax payers are paying these guys for, debating about appearances and perceptions and power play instead of development. You must be thinking, who pays taxes nowadays, well guess what, the middle class does. They dont have the privelege to control taxes, its deducted automaticaly from their salaries.
People who are claiming to be flag bearers of religion dont even allow establishment of schools in their own villages, the people in the rural areas have no hope for the future and urbanites are scared shitless to take out their cellphone in a public place lest someone snatch it from them at gun point.

Social Development, RIGHT!

Then theres the whole issue of the high level of despeartion in a male-dominated conservative society where every other thing is a taboo. Women suffer. Directly or indirectly, physically or emotionally, at times by their families, at times by their co-workers, at times by that random dude in the street who keeps eyeing them with perverted fantasies. Is that what these fundo mullahs call a righteous society? They themselves are pervs of the higest order.

I say we have become a nation of the emotionally dead. Both you and me, those within and those outside of the country, the politicians and the people. We have become a nation of selfish cliques. With every clique having disparate visions and diverging goals. This has a resulted in two things, the huge gap between the various cadres of the society and a high level of intolerance. People, cliques, believe in taking decisions beneficial to themselves as opposed to the entirety of the nation. We dont tolerate each other, we kill, we fight, we feud. We jump on bandwagons that ultimately destroy us. Some take pride in their ethnic identiities while other have a chin up in whims of religious superiority.

Its not the way it was supposed to be. Its time we made a difference, its time our goals converged, its time we break out of the cliques. Its time that people dont get shot on the newly built flyovers. Its time that friends could walk on the streets at wee hours of night without any fear. Its time to embrace social tolerance. Its time to realize the difference between those who claim they are right and those who really are. Its time for a change, its for a turnaround, its time for everyone to come together, have a single voice and move our beloved nation forward.

We can do it, if we want!


Rude Awakenings said...

Angst filled post. I can empathise with you and the outburst of frustration. Thats the entire problem, the majority of people are hard working middle class people with moderate values who just want to live decent lives. But extremists, politicians, radicals, etc for their own selfish goals and purposes sabotage the life and sanity of the majority.
Karl Marx had predicted the "workers" being a majority would eventually over throw the "capitalist- producers", and which would lead to a land lead by the workers. But that never happened. Cause change isn't easy. Its a vicious cycle which can be shaken only by revolution and in this day and age people are just trying to get by in life, leaving not much for a relaliation.

p.s : thanks for droppin by my blog.

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Cocaine said...

its so crazy - i am sick of reading dawn now honestly - theres never a time when i read the headlines and think that we down another inch on the slippery slope towards to doom.
Its infiruarting, especially because no body, at least from what i can see, is doing anything about it!!

Rude Awakenings said...

What can one do really?
Noone is interested in leaving the confort of the known and safe in order to indulge in a unsafe revolt against the more powerful. It's all about priorities, resources and the bigger picture.


Cocaine said...

I do agree with you to a certain extent Sonia. It is an inconclusive debate. But sooner or later someone will realign their priorities. I believe that if we are'nt a part of the solution, then we are surely a part of the problem.